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Summary Distribution

Summary Distribution is a type of Probate proceeding in Alabama designed for estates that do not exceed $32,047 in total assets and contain no real property. A Summary Distribution is part of the Alabama Small Estates Act.

The biggest difference between a Summary Distribution and a regular Probate Administration is the length of time. Instead of a minimum six month period like regular probate administrations, a Summary Distribution only requires thirty (30) days for potential creditor claims.

How is a Summary Distribution different from a regular probate administration?

  • Summary Distribution is quicker and usually less expensive than a regular probate administration.
  • No Personal Representative is appointed.
  • No accountings or inventories are filed.
  • The Petitioner does not have to be an Alabama resident.
  • Generally, there will be no required appearances in court.

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Many of our “Summary Distribution” cases involve a decedent who passed away without designating a beneficiary on their bank account. As a result, the bank freezes the account and will not release the funds. This frequently happens, even to married couples. Make sure you have a beneficiary designation for all of your financial accounts to avoid having to go through probate.

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